Donkeys are herd animals and one donkey is a very lonely donkey. Donkeycompanions are most important.

Worming is essential for a donkey's good health. This should be done about every 8 weeks. It is always worth discussing with your vet first.

Hooves need trimming at regular intervals. Depending on the weather, probably every 2 months. Donkeys feet were not designed for wet weather, so a hard surface to escape a muddy field is a great help. Pick feet out regularly!

We vaccinate against Tetanus and Flu every year and have their teeth checked once a year by an equine dentist.

Give gentle grooming during winter months to remove dried mud, and then in the spring when their winter coat starts to shed. Extra vigorous grooming will be much appreciated.

A donkey's coat is not waterproof. A good field shelter positioned out of the wind for the cold, wet winter days and for shade in the summer is a must. Stabling at night is not essential, but can give you peace of mind when you are tucked up in bed.

Then last of all: Time and attention. Donkeys are very friendly, sociable animals and love to please. They are playful and affectionate... Shown love and kindness you will have a life long, best friend!

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