15th of April 2024
Our last Teddy baby has been born. Suzy foaled a lovely blackbrown jenny. She's beautiful. Straight all over. A little eyecatcher!
A lovely temperament too. Her name is "Jolene"

8th of April 2024
Last night Heiken's Ark Honey LB
gave birth to a lovely blackbrown jenny. Good confirmation, lovely head and a very friendly outgoing temperament! She listens to the name "Anni"!

1st of April 2023
On Fool's day,Marsala's Night Fever became a mom for the very first time. She delivered a lovely little steelgrey girl. Small, lots of bone and a friendly and free temperament! We couldn't wish for more! We named her April Joke!

11th of August 2022
Our LN Black Lacey foaled a lovely little spotted girl. She's beautiful, lots of bone, straight legs. Lovely temperament. Very friendly, free and outgoing!
We couldn't be happier. We named her Marsala's Olivia Newton-John
Pet name Livvi!

28th of May 2021
Yesterday evening Suzy (Heikens Ark Fifi M) spoiled us with a beautiful little jenny. She's striking a pose! A lovely temperament, very outgoing. And a babydoll head to dream of. She listens to the name Marsala's More Than A Woman.
Her barn name is Maiden!

21st of April 2021
Last night  (Marsala's Cloud Nine) gave birth to a little black jenny! She's a little eyecatcher! Lovely babydoll head, lots of bone and an in your pocket temperament! We named her Marsala's Black Diamond,
Her pet name is Odessa or just Odi!

18th of July 2020
This night Lacey(LN Black Lacey) delivered an little sturdy young man. Lovely head and straight all over. A very modest little boy! Happy with this boy! We named him Marsala's Bob Marley

10th of May 2020
This morning, totally unexpected Sugar (Marsala's Brown Sugar)
gave birth to a pretty little true black girl. Babydoll head, nice bone and a very outgoing temperament. So happy with this girl. She listens to the name Marsala's Daytime Girl

20th of April 2020
Last night, our Puzzle (Heiken's Ark Honey LB) surprised us with the birth of a beautiful, very small, spotted jenny foal. She's all we could wish for. Lovely head, nice bone and straight all over! So happy with this little girl! Her name is Marsala's Monday Monday

29th of March 2020
Early this morning, our Silver (Marsala's Black Silver) gave birth to a sturdy dark grey boy. He's straight overall with a lovely head. Friendly, free and loves people. His name is Marsala's Bob Dylan

3rd of August 2019
Yesterday night Cloudy (Marsala's Cloud Nine) foaled a lovely little grey jenny. Very happy with this girl. Good looks, beautiful bone and personality plus! Her name is  Marsala's Fanny Be Tender

26th of July 2019
Tonight Suzy (Heiken's Ark Fifi M) delivered a lovely boy with a beautiful babydoll head! Nice straight legs, beautiful bone and a lapdonkey too. Like his brother Harry Potter! We named him Man In The Middle being the second one born out of three.

24th of July 2019
Katie (Red Oak Jade) delivered a stunning spotted jenny, yesterday evening. Plenty of bone, straight all over and a lovely head! A little eyecatcher.
So happy with her! She listens to the name Marsala's One Minute Woman.

26th of July 2018
Lacey (LN Black Lacey)
foaled a lovely grey jenny last night. Very well constructed, straight all over, a babydollhead with a little white whirl , like brother Harry. How happy we are with this lovely young lady. We named her Marsala's Night Fever

11th of July 2018
Suzy (Heiken's Ark Fifi M) gave birth to a stunning little grey jack. Thank you Suzy for another qualityfoal. This little man is straight all over, has got lots of bone and a babydoll head with a little white whirl. So happy with him! We named him Marsala's Harry Potter

6th of July 2018
Puzzle (Heiken' Ark Honey LB) spoiled us again with a beautiful little boy this time. Happy with Marsala's Simon Templar. A well constructed, extra stocky, grey youngman. Straight all over and a babydoll head.

9th of August2017
Marsala's Brown Sugar
delivered a sturdy little boy this morning. He's blackbrown and really an eyecatcher! His daddy LN Trevor D did it again! He stamps his foals with his skills! His name is Marsala's Little Gizmo.

29th of June 2017
Marsala's Black Silver
gave birth to a handsome coal black little jack this evening. Happy with this little man. He's very friendly and
has got the looks of his daddy LN Trevor D
His name is Marsala's Little Guinness

16th of June 2017
Heiken's Ark Honey LB
delivered a lovely little girl yesterday afternoon. More then
satisfied with her. Great temperament, well built with nice bone. Proud daddy is our LN Trevor D
We named her Marsala's Friday Afternoon.

25th of August 2016
Heiken's Ark Fifi M
gave birth to a lovely small blackbrown jenny. A very attractive little girl with a very friendly temperament. Straight legs and beautiful bone. She's sired by LN Trevor D
Her name is  Marsala's Hello Sunshine because she was born on, what was probably the hottest day of 2016.

19th of June 2016
We attended the show at Bunschoten. We took Marsala's Black Silver (Silver), her 2016 jackfoal Marsala's Idem Dito (Idem), Heiken's Ark Honey LB (Puzzle) and her 2016 daughter Marsala's All That Yazz. (Yazzy) with us.
They did very well. Silver won Best In Show with an A Certificate. Her son Idem was first in foals. Puzzle was awarded
a B Certificate. Yazzy was fourth in foals.

23rd of May 2016
Marsala's Brown Sugar
gave birth to a very tiny little jenny. She's is dark greybrown. She listens to the name Marsala's Jive Talkin'
She's a little beauty. Daddy is LN Trevor D

17th of April 2016
Marsala's Black Silver  foaled a lovely very small jack. He is dark grey and a copy of his mom. His name is Marsala's Idem Dito
He's a little eyecatcher Very friendly temperament. His daddy is LN Trevor D

11th of April 2016
Last night LN Black Lacey gave birth to Marsala's Jig Saw.
A very small beautiful grey-brown spotted (hence the name) jack foal.
He's sired by Moleneinds Dee's Confetti.

8th of March 2016
Last night our first 2016 foal was born. Heikens Ark Honey LB ( Puzzle) gave birth to a precious little girl. She's always swinging, so we named her Marsala's All That Yazz.
Her daddy is Moleneinds Dee's Confetti.

19th of April 2015
Today we visited the show at Rheden. We entered Heikens Ark Fifi M (Suzy) and our youngest jenny
Marsala's Cloud Nine (Cloudy). Both did very well. Suzy was Best in Show and awarded an A certificate.
She is now eligible for the studbook. Cloudy gained Junior Championship.

5th of August 2014
After having a lot of bad luck with earlier foals, LN Black Rose foaled, three and a half weeks early, a stunning little jenny. Rosie is on Cloud Nine. And that's the name we gave her. Marsala's Cloud Nine is sired by
The Elms Don Juan  She's his last foal.

1st of May 2014
Marsala's Little Joe was born, one week later than expected.
He is a very nice little jack. His color is blackbrown.
His daddy is The Elms Don Juan and his mother is LN Black Lacey

13th of April 2014
Last night at 01.00 am Heiken's Ark Fifi M ( Suzy) gave birth to a lovely little jennet. She's very dark brown
with red highlights. Sired by LN Trevor D (Teddy). Her name is Marsala's Paper Doll

5th of August 2013
Almost 14 days early, Heiken's Ark Honey LB (Puzzle) gave birth to a stunning grey white little jenny!
We're over the moon!
She's sired by Itsy Bitsy Derby Day. She listens to the name Marsala's Bling Bling.

20th of May 2013
Last night Red Oak Jade  (Katie) foaled, 19 days early, a coal black little jack. A very promising little boy.
His name is Marsala's Oliver Twist and he's sired by LN Trevor D (Teddy)

1st of May 2013
Red Oak Philamena (Sophie) gave birth to a nice healthy jackfoal sired by LN Trevor D (Teddy)
He's very darkbrown. We named him Huckleberry Finn,

1st of October 2012
Today is a special day. LN Black Rose (Rose) and Heiken's Ark Honey LB  (Puzzle) arrived at the Marsala ranch.
Two jennies that we are extremely happy to add to our herd. We know they both will be a valuable addition!

2nd of September 2012
Today we've joined the Salland Fair at Heeten to promote the donkey! We took
Marsala's Black Silver (Silver) and Marsala's Brown Sugar(Sugar) with us! They enjoyed
their day off as much as we did! A little photo impression!!

30th of August 2012
This morning LN Black Lacey (Lacey) gave birth to a beautiful black jack. He's called Tommy Boy.
He's sired by The Elms Don Juan (DJ).

17th of July 2012
Today Heiken's Ark Fifi M (Suzy) foaled a little jack.. His name is Billy The Kid. He's stunning.
His sire is The Elms Don Juan (DJ)

17th of March 2012
Red Oak Jade (Katie) gave birth to a very nice little jack today. His name is Indiana Jones
aka Jones. Jones is sired by The Elms Don Juan (DJ)

17th of December 2011
Today our new jack LN Trevor D arrived at the Marsalaranch. He's very welcome!

9th of October 2011
We entered The Elms Don Juan (DJ) at the Clubshow especially for jacks and geldings at Ermelo.
DJ was awarded an A-certificate.

17th of September 2011
Today we' ve been to the donkeyshow at Barneveld. We entered both Heikens Ark Fifi M (Suzy) and
her 2011 daughter Marsala's Irish Coffee (Coffee) and LN Black Lacey (Lacey) and her son
Marsala's TinTin (TinTin). Suzy was awarded an A-certificate. Lacey's got a B-certificate.
Both foals were in the same class.
Coffee was placed second and TinTin third.

27th of July 2011 
Today LN Black Lacey (Lacey) gave birth to a great little jack Marsala's TinTin (TinTin).
TinTin is grey. His sire is Sunset Acres Cool J.

24th of June 2011
Heikens Ark Fifi M (Suzy) foaled a stunning jenny today, Marsala's Irish Coffee (Coffee)
Coffee is brown with red highlights. The proud daddy is The Elms Don Juan (DJ)

7th of May 2011
Today we attended the show at Olst. We entered Marsala's Brown Sugar (Sugar) and her best friend
Marsala's Black Silver (Silver). They were both in the same class. Foals less then one year old.
Sugar was placed first and Silver was second!

10 Oktober 2010
Today we're welcoming LN Black Lacey (Lacey) and her son Red Oak William (Billy)
at the Marsalaranch.

28th of August 2010
Today we were at the Castlefair at Vorden! We took Heikens Ark Fifi M (Suzy)
and her daughter Marsala's Brown Sugar (Sugar) with us for the show.
Both Suzy and Sugar gained first place in their class.
Suzy was awarded an A Certificate

6th of August 2010
Three weeks earlier then expected, Red Oak Jade (Katie)
gave birth to a beautiful jenny.  Her color is like black
Marsala's Black Silver (Silver)

6th of June 2010
Today at the donkey special show at Bleiswijk  Red Oak Philamena (Sophie) was placed
fourth in jennies until 3 year. LL Elektra (Emma) was awarded a B Certificate and her daughter
Marsala's Honey Bee (Honey) was placed eight in foals with a nice report.

14th of May 2010
Heikens Ark Fifi M (Suzy) gave birth to a beautiful lightbrown/grey
jennet foal Marsala's Brown Sugar (Sugar)

28th of March 2010
Today we attended the Clubshow especially for jacks and geldings!
At his first show The Elms Don Juan (DJ) was placed second and was
awarded an A-Certificate.

20th of September 2009
Today we attended the show in Enschede. At her first show Red Oak Philamena (Sophie)
won the youngsterclass and became best jenny of the day. Red Oak Jade (Kate) was awarded a B Certificate.
Her son Marsala's Jesse James (James) became
Champion of the day at his very first show, not even 4 months old.

6th of September 2009
Today we've joined the Country Fair at Roden. Red Oak Jade (Kate), her son Marsala's Jesse-James
(James) and Red Oak Philamena (Sophie) went with us to represent and promote the breed!
They've got a lot of attention!

15th of August 2009
Last but not least! Our new jack The Elms Don Juan (DJ) and his girlfriend Heikens Ark Fifi M (Suzy)
arrived finally at the Marsalaranch

2nd of August 2009
LL Elektra (Emma) gave birth to a lovely red jennetfoal, she listens to the name Marsala's Honey Bee (Honey)

8th of June 2009
Red Oak Jade (Kate) gave birth to a nice darkbrown jackfoal. Well constructed with lots of bone.
Very happy with Marsala's Jesse James (James)

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