For "Fever" we've been waiting a very long time. Her mom LN Black Lacey
foaled jacks all the time! But in 2018 Marsala's Night Fever was born! A tiny little jenny, we're so happy with. Straight all over,  with a beautiful babydoll head! Her sire is
N&D's Lonestar Rowdy.

DOB 26-7-2018
V.N.E.  A.D.M.S registered 

           31.3 steel grey
ADMS Pedigree
            Mini Donkeys
                       bred with brains

N&D Lonestar Rowdy
27.5 brown/white spot

GP Oscar's Lonestar Luke
29 grey/white spot
GP Oscar
26.5 gray-dun
GP Bernice
29.5 grey/white spot

Gee Haw's Rose Petal
27.75 gray-dun
Someday's Cadillac Jack
27 gray-dun
Gee Haw's Morning Rose
32.5 gray-dun

LN Black Lacey
31 black

Lua Maxx Deja Vu
30.5 black

Spotted Acres Maxx
32.5 black NLP

Lua F's Hannah
31.5 greybrown

LN Black Lace
30.5 black with cross
Heiken's Ark Top Gun
29 dark brown
Noa's Promise
31.5 dark brown
Fever on the right