Welcome to the Marsalaranch!

We're real animal lovers and we're breeders of golden retrievers for many years.
After moving house from the West of the country, to a big farmhouse with lots of space in the North, we wanted to have  some animals in our stables.
We've read and heard a lot about miniature donkeys. Their intelligence and affectionate temperament attracted us a lot! So we decided to go for the Mediterenean Miniature Donkey.
Soon it was obvious to us, that there are not so much donkey breeders as golden retriever breeders. So what next?
Flying to the States is very difficult for us, because of our  dogs!
After getting information, we've contacted a breeder in Ireland. He has imported a lot of donkeys from the U.S. and Canada. He was willing to sell us some quality donkeys!
That way came to Holland, LL Elektra(Emma) (imp. Canada), Red Oak Jade (Kate)  en Red Oak Philamena(Sophie) the last two bred in Ireland out of U.S. or Canadian parents.
A few months later followed by our jack The Elms Don Juan (DJ) and his girlfriend Heikens Ark Fifi M (Suzy) Both (imp. USA)
You can find them all on this site!. Herewith we're having a quality foundation with nice bloodlines for our breeding.
Most of our miniature donkeys are/will be registered in the Netherlands, UK and USA.

Our prefix "Marsala" is coming from Sicily. It's the name of a good wine with a taste of nuts. You can also find the antique town of Marsala, where this wine come from, at Sicily.

Hope you enjoy our website and please do visit us again, this site will be updated regularly with the latest news and pictures!
Peter and Aicha de Fouw

Update: 15th of April 2024
Babypictures Anni
Babypictures Jolene

If you're interested in these intelligent and
affectionate animals, please contact us!
tel: +31(0) 598 630752 or +31(0) 6 12237440 
email: ivoryblaze@kabel.netvisit.nl 

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