ADMS Pedigree

            31.5 dark brown

Dob 4-6-2005
V.N.E.  A.D.M.S and M.M.D.A. Registered

MGF Satchmo
31.5 brown

Circle C Black Russian
31 black with cross
SS Red Lightening
32 red
Circle C Ebony
34 black

MGF Venus Delos
32 brown
LCR Valintino 50
32 darkred
Philamena 65
32 brown

Circle C Silver Charm
31 grey dun

Circle C Desperado
29 grey
29 grey
Circle C Jessica
brown 32 3/8

Sterling Silver of Circle C
31.25 grey

Katie is a very friendly jenny.
Very easy to handle! She's a Circle C Desperado granddaughter. We're very lucky to own her! She gave us two beautiful foals. In 2009 Marsala's Jesse James was born, sired by LN Dark Void and in 2010 she gave us Marsala's Black Silver sired by our DJ
Katie has been mated again to The Elms Don Juan (DJ) for a spring 2012 foal.
At the 17th of March 2012, katie foaled a little jack, Marsala's Indiana Jones.
The 20th of May 2013 Katie gave birth to a gorgeous black jackfoal. Sire is LN Trevor D
His name is Marsala's Oliver Twist.


            Mini Donkeys
                       bred with brains