Dob 18-3-2006
V.N.E.  A.D.M.S  Registered


                30 black
We are very pleased with the arrival of Trevor. We always wanted to have a jack sired by
Lua Maxx DejaVu. The type we love. Heavy bone, but elegant.
The temperament DejaVu stamps his children with, is very attractive for us.
A daughter of him we already had, now finally a jack.
We're looking forward to his first foals here at Marsala in 2013.
For pictures of his offspring click Trevor Offspring! For more pictures click
Trevor Photos!

Lua Maxx Deja Vu
30.5 black

Spotted Acres Maxx
32.5 black
Nancy Fort Jack
Spotted Acres Miss Piggy
32.75 brown

Lua F's Hannah
31.5 greybrown
Lua Jumpin Jack Flash
31 darkbrown
Lua Black Beauty
33.5 black

LN Dark Treasure
30.5 black

LN Dark Vader
32 black
GB Pitch Dark
31.5 black
LN Noah's Promise
31.5 darkbrown

LN Ashes
33 black
GB Pitch Dark
31.5 black
LN Agobi
33.5 spot
ADMS Pedigree
            Mini Donkeys
                       bred with brains