31.7 darkred
Dob 2-8-2009
V.N.E.  A.D.M.S and  M.M.D.A Registered

Honey is a once in a lifetime donkey. A DJ daugther. She's a copy of her dad.
She absolutely crazy about people, always trying to play games with us. She's a real eyecatcher, very small, 31.3 at 21 months.

Honey babyalbum

The Elms Don Juan
31.5 red

My World Santana
31 red
Rearview's Red Rock
32.5 red
My World Red Kelly
32.5 red

MGF Venus Red Passion Flower 31 red
MGF Red Jet
31 red
MGF Red Passion
31 red

LL Elektra
33 steel grey

Circle C Carbon
33 black

SS Red Lightening
32 red
Circle C Ebony
34 black

Talking Hollow Echo
30 grey
Foust Spunky
29 grey
Talking Hollow Kallie
32.5 grey
            Mini Donkeys
                       bred with brains